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Is Tamuz a reputable manufacturer of broadcast monitors?

Tamuz is yet another company that claims to make "grade 1" broadcast monitors. At the price points of their monitors, I would be surprised if they live up to their claims.

I found out about Tamuz when I started get sales emails because I was apparently subscribed to their newsletter. I use a very specific email address for my SMPTE account ( glennchan+smpte AT gmail ) so I quickly realized that they must have harvested my email from SMPTE's database of members.

I would be hesistant to do business with unethical companies as they tend to "forget to mention" things to generate a sale and may give headaches when it comes to after-sales support.

If you wish to find out more about their products (I do not intend on providing any coverage, links to reviews, or commentary on their products), please visit their website. They have product lines such as Imperial Eagle, Falcon, Sparrowhawk, Grey Owl SL, Black Milan, BCM series, Osprey, Golden Eagle, Golden Hawk, MultiScreen Broadcast, MultiScreen PreView, and VIDRE.

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